17 Places in Your Home You Forgot to Clean

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17 Places You Forgot to Clean that Might be Grossing Out Your Guests

We all have those places in our house that tend to get overlooked. They just become part of the scenery and we simply stop noticing them. But when guests come over and are looking at your home with fresh eyes, they might. 

But have no fear! I’m here to help you think through All The Places with a list of 17 areas you may want to double check before your next round of house guests arrive.

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Spray bottle cleaning surface

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1. The Base of Your Toilets

Sure, you’ve wiped down the seat, you’ve scrubbed the bowl, you’ve even wiped down the flusher. But have you checked the base and rim of the toilet? 

(Where my fellow boy moms at??) 

Not only are those yellow stains unsightly, they’re smelly. Be sure to run a clorox wipe around the seam where the toilet meets the floor. While you’re at it, check the walls nearby too. Maybe even the ceiling. There’s just no telling!

Toilet in bathroom with blue tile

2. Light Switch Plates

I always overlook these tiny little surfaces. But they are often full of tiny people finger smudges that are likely to be noticed by guests, especially in a small space like a guest bathroom.

Finger pointing at light switch plate

3. Base Trim

Brush it off with your broom when you’re sweeping. Or try to make it a habit to wipe them down with a damp rag or even a baby wipe as part of your cleaning routine.

Floor molding, a commonly missed place when cleaning

4. Doors

The other day I was cleaning the guest bathroom for a baby shower I was hosting when I noticed faint brown drips all over the back of the door. My guess? Dirty hands that weren’t quite clean as they pushed their way out of the room. 

Gross, I know. 

But then I started to look at the back of other doors and saw similar streaks. Hopefully your kids have better hygiene than mine. But just in case, give your doors a once over, especially near the doorknobs.

Door handle, a commonly missed place when cleaning

5. Kitchen Cabinets

We all make sure to wipe down our counters and the sink as we clean. But drips, crumbs, grease, and dust tend to accumulate on cabinet doors. I notice this especially on garbage can cabinets and on the cabinets above the stove. The grease and steam from cooking can leave a residue that builds up over time.

Kitchen cabinet door front,a commonly missed place when cleaning

6. Dining Chairs

I get that food will inevitably end up on the seats, but somehow it even makes its way onto the spindles and the backs of our chairs. So give them a once over too!

7. Stairwell Walls

I don’t know about you, but our stairwell takes a beating. Whether it be from throwing shoes down the stairs or just hands on the wall as the kids head to their rooms. A magic eraser should do the trick on any of the marks you find here.

Stairwell walls,a commonly missed place when cleaning

8. The Air

When we clean we tend to think of hard surfaces only. But have you ever walked into someone’s house and instantly knew what they made for dinner the night before? Or that they have a pet? 

An air purifier can remedy this, or even just opening your windows to air things out before company arrives. 

9. Window Trim and Molding

Don’t forget to give some attention to your window trim, especially the ones behind furniture that you may not notice as often. I’ve found dead flies and dust bunnies lurking on the window sills behind my couch. And let’s not even talk about what I found on the floor behind the couch.

10. The Inside of Your Microwave

I tend to put this one off because it remains “hidden” most of the time. But we all know how gross this small area can get. 

Try microwaving a cup of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar for several minutes to help loosen up the grime. Let sit for a few minutes then wipe down with a sponge.

Bowl inside of dirty microwave that needs to be cleaned

11. Ceiling Fans

Ever look up at a ceiling fan and notice dust hanging like a chandelier from the blades? Cover the blades with a pillow cover and wipe clean to “catch” the dust in the pillow case. Then just toss it in the washing machine.

Hand cleaning ceiling fan blade with rag

12. The Hand Towel in Your Guest Bathroom

Talk about a breeding ground for nasty. Like I mentioned above, kids don’t always do the most thorough job when washing their hands. And then they dry those “clean” hands off on the hand towel. Now imagine what could be building up over several days. Yuck.

While this may not be practical for everyday use, try putting out heavy duty napkins when guests are coming so that they can use their own towel and dispose of it when they’re done. 

Something like this napkin tray and these disposable napkins would be perfect.

Hand towel in bathroom

13. The Bathroom Mirror

Don’t forget to check for toothpaste residue and flecks of dried spit! Especially in the bathroom where your kids brush their teeth. 

Woman cleaning bathroom mirror

14. Ceiling Light Fixtures

I’ll never forget the time I was using the bathroom in someone’s house and I looked up to see the silhouette of a dead cockroach in their ceiling light fixture! You would think this is something you would notice in your own house, right? 

But then I checked our lights when I got home and found dead flies in mine! So maybe take a quick glance at your light fixtures as you’re tidying up.

15. Window Blinds

Another often neglected area that accumulates some serious dust. Try vacuuming off the excess dust and then wiping down each slat with a sock sprayed with pledge

Hand cleaning window blinds

16. Dining Area Light Fixtures

This is another one of those areas where dust and spiderwebs can appear that we may not notice for weeks or months. And who wants to see that dangling over your food when you’re a dinner guest? Don’t forget to wipe these down as well.

Hand cleaning glass chandelier with rag

17. The Face of Your Kitchen Appliances

I often overlook the drips and streaks on the face of my stainless steel appliances. Especially below the ice and water dispenser where dried water streaks are likely to accumulate daily.

Hand cleaning face of oven

If you tend to forget about some of these things, it doesn’t mean you’re dirty, just that you’re human. But I hope this helps uncover a few blind spots as you’re getting ready for company! 

Any other areas we left out? Leave them in the comments below!

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Woman Cleaning
Places You Forgot to Clean

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30 Responses

  1. I try to do a deep clean for this very reason two times a year. Floor to ceiling and everything in between. You give a good list of what not to forget.

  2. These are really great suggestions to clean. There are a few I’ve missed but having white walls makes you clean everything lol Awesome post!

  3. So many places often forgotten! I don’t think any of us mean to forget, it’s just not something we think about because we’re always just focused and preoccupied on the main areas like the counters, and now I’m looking at the ceiling…

  4. Awesome tips! Those are definitely some pretty gross spots that get neglected. Probably my sneaky spots are, range covers, fridge door handles, and where the glass door slides, so nasty lol.

  5. I suggest checking get table lamps and shades for dust and cobwebs as these can be overlooked in guest bedrooms.

  6. All door knobs need cleansed and disinfected frequently! 😳Your #4 didn’t actually say this. Great posts!

  7. I’m the mom of 3 boys too! Although they are grown up and out on their own now, when I would clean the bathrooms, the toilet got cleaned top to bottom, the floor, and the cabinet and wall or tub next to it. 😂😂😂
    Now we have grandkids that come and visit, so cleaning top to bottom and sides, especially during potty training!!! 😁😁😁
    When we renovated both bathrooms, we picked the light fixtures that had the light covers facing down, now I don’t have bugs to cleanout of the fixture.
    Great post!!!

    1. Haha! I can relate to all of that! I am no longer surprised at the obscure places I need to clean because of them! So glad you enjoyed the post!

  8. Boy mom of 4 right here so I totally agree with the toilet, walls, ceiling one lol. I’d like to add the bathroom trash can to that one. Well actually all trash cans really. Unfortunately on more than one occasion I’ve discovered that my son’s or their darling father has missed the toilet and managed to pee in the trash can 🤔 (someone please tell me that I’m not the only one that has had to clean up urine from the trash can bc my family is filthy little animals 😄) Anyways we have plastic ones And I’ve realized that they tend to hold onto odors which is why after I clean and disinfect them I like to put a cotton ball with a few drops of essential oil on it to help with all the stink. Thank you for the post there were definitely a couple of places I had missed. Off to go check my light fixtures now. Thanks again for the honest and real life posts that remind us we’re all human and nobody’s house is perfect. Have a great day!

    1. I have totally found pee in the trash can!! And of course, no-one would fess up! But I love the essential oil trick! I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and leave a comment!

  9. Your number 4 yellow spots may be room freshener spray. I had the same thing and no children around. When you spray the droplets have to go somewhere. I’ve started to spray inside the toilet BEFORE I go, eliminates having to spray after the go. No more yellow spots.

  10. All great reminders! Luckily I was taught to deep clean at a young age. Another important place to remember is under kitchen large appliances, top of fridge and if your kitchen cabinets do not go to the ceiling or have no soffits clean top of cabinets as you clean the fronts.

  11. You left out the air vents. I find myself forgetting to clean those in my own house and they can be really gross.

  12. I would add door frames, more than once I’ve noticed spider webs around door frames and wondered how long they had been there. Also the shower door rails, these seem to be missed with the tub/shower cleaning and they can build up some awful black sludge when missed for several weeks. Another favorite the tops of appliances, especially refrigerators (lot’s of 6’+ family members) and the washer and dryer seem to be forgotten often or at best just the tops cleaned but not the sides or around the lint vents, etc. Also with the refrigerator under the produce drawers are routinely missed with pets fur gathers here, ick! TV’s seem to be forgotten often as well until someone comes over and even if the screen is cleaned regularly the top of the TV is neglected just like the top of the fridge. Lamp shades seem to be forgotten as well, table top or free standing, the ceramic or metal will get cleaned oftentimes but the lampshades will gather dust and spiders love the inside of lampshades, no fun to run into the spider and it’s home while turning on a lamp to read.

    Great list, love the thought put into it, thanks! Over a year in my new house so probably a good time to check some of these areas that aren’t on my weekly hit list. Having grown up with brothers and raised boys everyone at our house learned to clean the toilet from top to bottom and under the rim, the piece that attaches the water line to the toilet now that often goes unnoticed, spotted that one this morning at my house!

  13. Don’t blame your kids!
    It’s everybody 🤭

    Vacuum and then use a clean mop on the baseboards. Quick and easy✨

  14. Yes it’s great post you shared with us thanks a lot helps full tips you have given us thanks 😊

  15. Love this list and all the extra comments makes me feel better that the world is not perfect and made of all clean neat freaks out there. Thanks a million!

  16. Great ideas in these posts.

    Make sure there is now kitchen garbage like watermelon or cantelope rinds in the house.

    We visited a family who had a spotlessly clean house and there was a garbage container in the kitchen with melon rinds . It was overwhelming!

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