The 10 Things You Need to Buy on Amazon Before Your Disney Vacation

I don’t have to tell you that the prices at theme parks are inflated for almost everything. And Disney is no exception. Before we left for our last Disney trip I made sure to buy everything on this list on Amazon. Because you won’t catch me paying $15 for a plastic poncho, even if it does have that cute Mickey on it. I’d rather be soaked in silent protest. 

Of course, if you forget you can buy almost everything on this list when you get there. But if you buy them ahead of time you’ll save a ton. And you can use the savings to buy everyone a Dole Whip instead. Yum!

So without further ado, here’s the list…

Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom at Disney World

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1. Autograph Books

Your kids will definitely want to meet at least a few of the characters during your visit and an autograph book can make a great low-cost souvenir if you get them at the right price. You can buy this official Disney autograph book or get a 2 pack of Disney spiral notebooks. We went with the spiral notebooks so that my kids could slip their sharpies through the rings and have everything ready when it was go time.

Another great option is to bring a Disney Encyclopedia of characters and have each character sign on their own page! The one on the left is the older version and a little bit cheaper but available to order now. The one on the right was updated in 2020 and contains a few new characters.

Available now
Available for Pre-order

If you think your kids might want to collect Disney pins, these are a must. We bought the lanyards with the coin pouch attached so that they had a place to store their pressed penny money.

3. Pins

We aren’t into pin trading but it’s definitely a thing. If it’s your thing or you think it might become your thing, you should buy a few of the pins before you leave for a fraction of the cost. This way you’ll be ready to start trading from the moment you walk through the gates. 

But be careful and make sure to read the reviews before you purchase from any particular seller. Some buyers have reported receiving fakes, but there are certainly authentic pins to be purchased on Amazon. 

This seller is known to sell authentic used/traded pins. And if you want to read more in depth about pin trading, here is an excellent article from the Disney Tourist Blog.

You can buy the Disney branded version of these in the parks, but when you’re watching a parade mid-afternoon on a blazing hot Florida day, you’ll be glad you packed this affordable option, and that you spent half as much as everyone else.  

5. Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel

These things are a luxury I didn’t know existed until I was prepping for our last trip to Disney. What an amazing invention! Just run it under water and it stays cool for hours. It feels soooo good on the back of your neck. It saved me from a mommy meltdown on more than one occasion. Plus the name is fun to say :).

Bonus Tip: These towels are pretty long for kids, so cut them in half so that 2 of your kids can have their own.

6. Apparel

This one applies to the whole family but I’m especially talking about mom here. (For a more complete packing list for mom you’ll want to read What to Wear to Disney World for Mom).

I’m not really into shirts with big, bold, colorful cartoons on them. But there are so many non-cutesy, text only t-shirts available on Amazon right now that I would be totally excited about wearing. 

I mean, how cute are these? Click here to see my favorite. 

7. Clickable Sharpies

Pluto signing autograph with retractable Sharpie at Disney World

I’m not suggesting your typical Sharpie. It has to be a retractable Sharpie! When you hand a character a marker they are obviously not going to be able to remove the cap and you don’t want to be messing with them when there is a huge line behind you. And as an added bonus, there’s no chance you’ll lose the cap!

8. Ponchos

If you don’t know Florida weather, all you really need to know is that it will rain at some point during the day. Get stuck without a poncho and you’ll look like this:

You can find basic disposable ponchos at the dollar store. Or if you’d rather have them delivered to your house, they are reasonably priced on Amazon. And don’t forget to order kids sizes because your little people will be swimming in adult sized ponchos. This is a 4 pack of youth ponchos with cute designs that get good ratings.

You’ll also want to pack extras to cover your stroller while you’re on a ride or in a show. Rain sneaks up quickly in Florida and the last thing you want is to return to a sopping wet stroller.

Been there, done that. 

Wherever you decide to get them, just be sure to have them before you go! You will definitely need them and if you buy them in the parks you’ll spend around $15 per adult and close to $10 per child. No thanks!

9. Mole Skin

Someone recommended this for my very first “grown-up” trip to Disney World. It is great for protecting your feet from blisters. If you feel a spot “heating up” on your heels or toes, apply a small piece of mole skin to avoid being miserable for the rest of your trip. This is a must have for your Disney day bag.

10. Pressed Penny Holders

Children making pressed penny souvenirs at Disney World

One of my kids’ favorite souvenirs to collect are pressed pennies. You won’t necessarily need these books before you go but we brought ours with us so that each day when we returned to our rooms they could put them in a place where they wouldn’t get lost. 

(Amazon also sells these Disney branded albums but we bought the generic ones so they could collect pennies from other places as well.)

What else would you classify as a “must buy” before your Disney trip that has saved you money in the long run? Leave your suggestions in the comments. I’m taking notes for our next trip!

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  1. We have yet to take our kids to Disney, but we do plan to in the future! Thank you so much for sharing your tips, we will need all the help we can get.

    1. They are really convenient! We lived in Orlando for a year and had season passes so we used to go 2-3 times a month. But now that we live in PA it’s just a tad less frequent! We get there about every 2-3 years now.

    1. Thanks, Adriane! Unfortunately we have made that mistake as well. Including the time we came out of the Finding Nemo show to find a literal pool of water in our stroller!

  2. OMG! How have I not know about Frogg Toggs? This sounds amazing, especially for Disney Parks! I got heat rash last year while walking around in Epcot for the day. Im absolutely ordering!

  3. Great post! We are planning a trip this summer. I’m going to spin this so I can look at it when we get closer to the vacation. Thank you ?

  4. The moleskin tip was the most invaluable to me for enjoying Disney because I hate my feet feeling uncomfortable. Thank you for sharing.

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