Whole30 Pantry Staples You Can Buy on Amazon

Thinking about giving that Whole30 thing a try? Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to save you a few unexpected trips to the grocery store. As you get started you’ll find that there are some unusual ingredients that keep popping up in recipes, some of which can be tricky to find at traditional grocery stores. So I’ve compiled a list some of the most common Whole30 pantry staples with a link to Amazon where you can order and have them delivered right to your door.

And if you happen to be doing this with little people living in your house like we did, you’ll want to check out this post on surviving the Whole30 with kids. You can thank me later ;).

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What is Arrowroot Powder?

Sometimes called a flour or starch, Arrowroot powder is made by extracting the starch from tubers like the arrowroot plant or the cassava root.

Why do I need it?

It’s used as a thickener for soups and stews and a coating for pan frying meat. Think of it as an approved substitute for cornstarch.

See the current price on Amazon here.

What is Nutritional Yeast?

It’s an inactive yeast made from a single celled organism called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae that grows on molasses.

Why do I need it?

Not only does it have a ton of nutritional benefits (B12, folic acid, selenium, zinc, and protein) it adds a cheesy flavor to eggs, soups, or vegetables. Which is a welcome flavor when you haven’t had cheese in several weeks!

See the current price on Amazon here.

What is Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is made from the flesh of coconuts and has a rich, creamy texture. 

Why do I need it?

During the Whole30 you will use it as a heavy cream substitute in soups, stews and currys. There are even some desserts that can be made with it if you feel like bending the rules just a little.

See the current price on Amazon here.

What are Nut Pods?

Nut Pods are an officially Whole30 approved alternative to half and half (the Whole30 logo is right on the packaging!). It is mostly made from coconut cream and almonds and comes in a variety of flavors.

Why do I need it?

The original flavor can be used to cook with in place of heavy cream. But I love it frothed and poured over my morning cup of coffee. It feels like a treat every morning and the extra step of frothing it makes me feel like a Starbucks barista. (This is my absolute favorite milk frother).

See the current price on Amazon here.

What is Almond Butter?

A nut butter made only from almonds that is a good source of monounsaturated fats. It’s full of vitamins and nutrients and can help to keep your blood sugar stable 

 Why do I need it?

When I’m craving something a little sweet during the Whole30, the solution almost always involves almond butter. I spread it on sweet potato toast or a banana for breakfast, or on an apple or some dates for dessert. You can make it yourself in a high powered blender or food processor. Or buy it on Amazon here while you’re stocking your pantry with the rest of the items on this list. 

See the current price on Amazon here.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is a form of clarified butter. When butter is melted it is separated into milk liquids and milk solids. Ghee is the result of this process once the milk solids have been removed. 

Why do I need it?

It is great for frying or sauteing because it has a higher burning point than butter. Since most of the lactose is removed it’s easier on the stomachs of those (like me) who don’t tolerate dairy products very well. 

See the current price on Amazon here.

What are Coconut Aminos?

A liquid made from the aged sap of coconut blossoms and salt. With 17 amino acids and about 65% less salt than soy sauce, coconut aminos are a Whole30 approved, gluten free alternative.

Why do I need them?

A good portion of the recipes I cook during a Whole30 are some version of a stir fry. Coconut aminos add a sweet savory flavor to stir fries and salad dressings so you’ll want to have this on hand as well.

See the current price on Amazon here.

What is Avocado Oil Mayo?

Mayonnaise made with limited ingredients that uses avocado oil instead of soybean or canola oil. 

Why do I need it?

I like to make mayonnaise based salads at the beginning of the week to eat for lunch, like egg, tuna, or chicken salad. Traditional mayo is a no-no (many contain sugar and unapproved oils), but avocado oil mayo is usually just fine. I have made my own several times (I really like this recipe), but sometimes convenience is more of a priority so I will buy it pre-made. This brand on Amazon is one of my favorites. 

See the current price on Amazon here.

Other Whole30 Favorites on Amazon


These are one of my favorites! I always keep a box of these on hand during a Whole30. I’ll sometimes grab one for breakfast if I’m in a hurry or keep one in my purse for when I’m out and need a snack. The chocolate Sea Salt flavor tastes like a really chewy brownie. Yum.

Rx Bars

Whole30 approved meat sticks can get kind of pricey, but man are they good. They are a great source of protein when you’re on the go and these don’t need to be refrigerated. 

Chomps Beef Sticks

I know, I know… Technically plantain chips are SWYPO. But when you’re craving something crunchy and salty, these really hit the spot. They taste great crumbled over a taco salad or chili or dipped in salsa or guacamole.

Plantain Chips

Nuts are another great snack to keep in your bag when you’re on the go. They really satisfy that salty snack craving. You just have to be careful not to go overboard with them.

Tree Nuts

Well, with that I’ll wish you good luck on your Whole30 adventure! Let me know how it goes and if this list was helpful!

(And if it was I’d really, really appreciate it if you shared this with your friends or pinned it on Pinterest!)

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